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2023 Spring Internships at Solo Select Horses ​

Thank you for your interest in our Solo Select Internships. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is passionate about being in the horse business. Our company has a number of different divisions - breeding, foaling, training, mare management and sales. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience many different facets of the horse industry, all in one internship! There will be invaluable experiences and relationships made that will be critical to your success in the future. 

2023 Applications are open thru December 1st, 2022. 

Please use the form below to apply.

READ the following information carefully, before applying.

DO NOT apply if you are not willing to commit to the entire internship from January 1st to May 30th. 


Pay is $300/week with a place to live.

There are very few weekends off and the days are long. If you cannot commit to that, please don’t inquire.


Daily duties will include - but not limited to:

-Assisting veterinarian with radiographs, coggins, medication administrations etc.

-Washing and preparing horses for photos, departures or weekly mane/tail washes

-Assisting with feeding and treatments

-Assisting with keeping facility clean/tidy

-Assisting with breeding/palpating mares, medication for foals/weanlings, catching recipient mares

And much more! 


What this internship is NOT

-Sit around and watch what we do all day

-8 hours/day

-Riding (there is NO riding whatsoever)

-Weekends off

-Social Hour


We want people that are serious about being a part of our team and learning the horse business!  This is a wonderful learning opportunity. There is a possibility for FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT after the end of the internship. 

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